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Working with me is akin to other forms of energy therapy, such as Reiki or sound healing, but  with a unique twist: you will receive a sacred piece of art channeled especially for you to  continue working with and enjoy. 

I have a personal process for connecting with both my clients and our guidance before creating  each piece. My drawing works similarly to automatic writing or Reiki. Energy flows through me  and my hands as I draw what comes into my vision and my knowing. I may hear words or  phrases or questions that are important to add in to the art.  

Below are my current offerings for personal, channeled mandalas. To begin the process, you  may contact me at 

My pieces of energetic art also make wonderful gifts for others or to commemorate special  occasions such as a birth, a home blessing, an anniversary, etc.  

Each piece’s energy is unique and carries a healing, activating vibration based on the  channeled symbols, colors, and words that emerge. No two pieces are alike.  

Personal Energetic Mandala 

$333 plus Shipping and Handling 

This offering includes a 20-minute discovery call via Zoom or audio call, where we can connect  and you can share your intention for the art that will be channeled for you. 

You will receive a 12 x 12 canvas with your hand-drawn, channeled mandala, along with a  channeled message of guidance on working with your mandala. 

Delivery time varies and will be communicated once a request is made. 

Energetic Mandala for Your Business 


This offering includes a 30-minute discovery call to connect, gather your branding colors and  information, and learn more about your business and the intention for your mandala. We will  also schedule a follow-up call at this time. 

You will receive a digital version (available in various formats) of your mandala, as well as a  smaller version that can be used in marketing materials. 

Upon receiving both versions, we will have a 20-minute follow-up call to go over any feedback  you may have before finalizing the mandala design. 

Please note that any additional revisions may incur extra costs. 

Deliverables schedule varies and will be communicated at the time of our first discovery call. 

“Whimsical, yet powerful, a mandala by Denise invites the recipient to open a window into oneself through the use of cohesive patterns of vibrant colors, lyrical shapes and fluid movement.  Each mandala holds its own story and vibration that have flowed effortlessly onto the page from Denise’s beautiful, open heart.”

Monique Garsaud, Frequency Energy Facilitator and Life Immersion Coach

Have questions? Not sure which one is right for you? Contact me over here.