My name is Denise Sutter.

I live my life with the deep belief that we are all spiritual beings living  a human existence and that everything is energy.

After years of healing myself and my anxiety  through various energy therapies, I decided to open my own healing practice in order to help  others with their own healing journey. 

This sacred work took an unexpected and profound turn  and I now consider myself an energetic artist dedicated to helping others connect with their soul  and self through art and guidance channeled especially for them.  

My journey began unexpectedly during a transformative retreat at the mystical Mount Shasta,  where I received a divine calling to create pictorial readings. These readings blended intricate  symbols with profound messages for those in attendance. 

Upon returning home, I began offering these pictorial readings to my clients, seamlessly  integrating them into my Reiki and Heart Path sessions. This practice also became a soul nurturing ritual, allowing me to channel my artistic spirit and capture the essence of each day  for myself through my own personal drawings. 

Following my mother’s unexpected passing in October 2022, my art took on a new dimension.  My daily drawings evolved into breathtaking art and mandalas, revealing my burgeoning  psychic abilities. My doodling transformed into more detailed works of art, adorned with  intricate symbols and vibrant colors using metallic ink on black paper. What began as a  personal healing journey blossomed into a transformative energy therapy practice. 

Today, I love working with others, invoking healing, activation, and soul remembrance through  my energetic art. I channel and craft personal and business mandalas for individuals and for  groups, believing that my art exudes hope and a deep sense of returning to one’s true self. My lifelong journey with anxiety fuels my passion for sharing hope through my art and story,  inspiring others to find the courage to heal and grow.

Beyond my work, I enjoy a full life with my husband, Scott, our grown kids—Alex, Max,  Jackson, and Nicky—and our beloved grandson, Daniel. I thrive on travel, time in nature,  creativity, and my continuing spiritual journey. 

You may explore my art on my “Gallery” page and discover for yourself how it can inspire and  heal.  

For information on my process and how to work with me, please visit my “Working With Me” page.  

To learn more about me and about my journey with anxiety and the healing arts, you may find me on YouTube in the videos below or in the inspirational book, The Power and Impact of Courageous Changemakers, Stories of Life, Love and Business.  

I look forward to connecting with you!